The Indiana General Assembly has been reviewing Indiana's water resource situation for several years. The 2011 Water Resources Study Committee found that: "While Indiana has been doing research and mapping of water resources, the institutional infrastructure that regulates and manages water resources may not be prepared to manage the serious economic effects of regional shortage." In response, the General Assembly enacted SB 132 (codified as IC 8-1-30.5) to focus state efforts on water utility resources. This information will help ensure that Indiana citizens have an adequate supply of water. Utilities are required to submit this report to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) no later than April 30, 2015. The information and data requested is for the period of January 1 – December 31, 2014.

The IURC will use this information and data to compile a report to be submitted to the Indiana General Assembly as required by IC 8-1-30.5. This report will use aggregate data in a manner that protects the confidential information of the individual utilities. The Indiana statute (IC 5-14-3-4) regarding access to public records will apply should the IURC receive a public records request regarding any utility’s individual data. Most of the information submitted on this form would be considered a public record under this law, and would be disclosed in the event a public records request is made. Please note that the location of any utility’s infrastructure that may be contained in its service territory map is protected from disclosure under this law. Therefore, the IURC will not disclose this information.