Search for a Docketed Case

The Electronic Document System (EDS) is the case management system of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Commission).

EDS was developed to display public information filed with the Commission. Cases from 2001 to present that are not confidential are available electronically to case participants and the public.

You do not need to know or enter all of the criteria (boxes) below to search EDS. If you have the five-digit Cause Number, you may enter it into the field and click Search. In some instances, multiple cases may appear with the same docket number. These are sub dockets. If you do not know the five-digit Case Number, there are other ways to find it. For example, you can select a petition type or the case’s status before the Commission. You can also enter in the name of the utility or dates related to the petition, order, or hearings. When you are finished entering the criteria, click “Search.”

***Note: After searching for a case, you can right-click the link associated with the case number in the results area (bottom section of page) and choose “open link in new tab” or “open link in new window” in order to keep this browser window open for additional searches.

For assistance please call IT Support at 317.234.8431.